Rival Tennis Ladder

Play tennis any day, any time, at any court with local players on your level.


Created in North Carolina and available now in the following cities:



Men and Women
Singles and Doubles


Propose matches for any court at any time


Challenge any ladder player to a match


Top players compete in a final tournament

Modern Interface

Navigate through the sleek and responsive interface to view your stats and interact with other ladder players.

Cool Avatars

Express yourself by creating your own avatar that displays your personality and style through hairstyles, headbands, and more!

Player Statistics

From rivalries and matches to tournament performance, you can find all your personal stats on your profile.

Mobile Ready

Whether you use iPhone, Android, or another smartphone, Rival Tennis Ladder works smoothly on any phone platform.


Reach the Finals of your level's end-of-season tournament to win a gift card and trophy.

Match Statistics

Use the SwingVision app on your Apple Watch and upload the statistics to your ladder for everyone to see.


Collect badges and earn credit for winning matches, completing match-based challenges, reaching new stages of the tournament, and many more activities. There are over 100 badges for you to achieve!

Weather Forecast

Check the 10-day weather forecast for the most valuable metrics for tennis players.

Tennis Ladder Rating (TLR)

Use our proprietary Tennis Ladder Rating, or TLR, system to track your season-to-season progress on your local ladder.

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What is Tennis Ladder Rating (TLR)?

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